The Other Side

Who’s on the other side of your obedience?

Let that question sink in for a minute. There are more answers than you think. In fact, let’s brainstorm.

God – Jesus, Father and/or Spirit. You. Authors. News sources. Pastors. Religious and/or political leaders. Your past. Your insecurities. These are but a few of the possible answers.

So, the question is, who are you obeying? Only one can guarantee eternal value to your choice – God. Only one will satisfy today – God.

Just something to think about as our world’s sources of information continue to slide away from truth that will set and keep us free from all the negative consequences of Godless choices.

“Father, I pray that all who read this thought will continue to rely on the truth from Your Word and the power to live it out from Your Spirit. Amen.”

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