Be open to all of what the Word says God can do.

There was a Korean sleep study that demonstrated human hearts synchronize when couples slept in the same bed.

David wrote in Ps. 63:5-6 that he experienced the same sense of satisfaction meditating on God while on his bed at night as he did after eating a great meal.

Who is with you while you sleep? Jesus. You can sync your stressed out heart with His calm-soothing one.

I friend suggested I do an experiment. While sitting in my rocking chair, after spending time confessing my sin, hurts, and disappointments, I simply shut my mouth and close my Bible.

Do you know how hard it is not to say, do or think about anything? Yet, Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still (aka stop trying to make things happen) and know that I am God.” Seriously, be still. Sit in His presence and experience/know your God.

David also wrote in Ps. 16:11 that he experienced pleasure and joy to its fullest while being in God’s presence. His heart began to beat as God’s.

Get in sync with your God. Go to sleep with His truths on your mind. Isaiah 26:3 reveals that God keeps in perfect peace those whose mind is focused on Him. You are synced.

Get in sync with your God. Quietly sit in His presence and let His peace overcome you. You are synced.

God’s Word is true. But you’ll only really know it’s true when you practice it.

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