Days of Discernment

“Discernment is not knowing the difference between right and wrong, but between right and almost right.” C.H. Spurgeon

While hiking on Maui, my wife and I saw a cobweb swaying across our path as it hung from a tree.

The sunlight hit the cobweb at the right angle to expose its presence. If we weren’t paying attention, though, we would have gotten a face full of spider spinning!

The days in which we live are “interesting” to say the least. In order to stay on the path that leads to life changing freedom, you must have the ability to tell the difference not just between right and wrong, but also between right and almost right.

Do you have the ability to see through your adversary’s webs of slightly off the truth (2 Peter 2:1) to stand on the truth that will set and keep you free, even though it may bring persecution?

Stay close to the truth, Jesus. Stay in the Word of God, Jesus. Keep getting better at hearing His voice, not a favorite teacher, a self-proclaimed prophet or an inspiring pastor.

Let His light shine on the adversary’s dangerous cobwebs. It’s the only way to avoid them.

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