Just One More Lord

“God is in control, but He doesn’t expect you to lean on the shovel and pray for a hole.” Unknown

The Israelites returned to Jerusalem after being kicked out by God through Nebuchadnezzar, who razed both the Temple and Jerusalem to the ground.

Upon returning, the exiles now saw that destruction first hand – most for the very first time. For hundreds of yards, all they could see were boulders upon boulders. (Those pictured are the work of Rome, who also destroyed the Temple and Jerusalem.)

So what did they do? Delay. They take a few months off and then return to start the project. They got the burnt offering altar back up and running. But then, nothing more was done for another seven months – another delay.

In the meantime, they were “encouraged” to move forward by the prophets Haggai and Zechariah, who ultimate penned the famous verse, “It’s not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord.” (4:6)

Yes, their prayers had been answered. God brought them home. Yes, the task He had for them seemed daunting, which led to the delays. They acted like the Temple would rise by itself!

They were relying on what they could see (boulders) and not on the One they couldn’t see.

Nope, each boulder would become a prayer. “Lord give me the strength to put one more boulder in place.” And once that was done, “Lord, give me the strength to one more boulder in place.” Repeat until the project was done.

What has the Lord asked you to do, but you’re making excuses for not loving Him enough to obey?

It’s time to focus on the One who can get it done through and with you – one boulder at a time.

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