Who Is Your God?

“A god who lets us prove his existence would be an idol.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Many Jesus followers’ challenges are self-induced because they have a picture of God that doesn’t line up with what God revealed about Himself.

The phrase, “This is what this passage means to me” can lead the reader to see God as they want to see Him, but not as He really is.

This can leave many of His children doubting and questioning Him at best and in deep trouble at worst. God will not respond as we think He should. He will only act consistently with Who He said He is.

Therefore, we must ask the Spirit to show us what He meant when He wrote what He wrote in revealing who God is. And if our views of God need to change, so be it! It saves us from making mistakes that He’ll have to clean up later.

Who is your God? Is not really the question. Who does God say He is? Is a much better avenue to pursue if we want to experience all that He has for us as His children.

May you know and by faith experience all that God has for you in the coming year.

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