Situational Awareness

Pray for a stronger faith, not an easier life.

I was prayer walking while listening to music. I was so into my time with Jesus that I almost stepped on this little guy.  

I was about three feet away when I saw him sunning himself on the road.

If I wasn’t alert, two unfortunate things could have occurred. I could have stepped on him, most likely killing him; or, have been bitten by him. 

This illustrates a freedom tool. Be situationally aware of your surroundings. 

We can get so focused on ourselves that we can miss opportunities to share Jesus, hurt others by what we say or do; and/or get bit by our adversary.

This is why the Spirit encourages us to know what is going on around us. Even the strongest can trip and fall if they are not paying attention. 

Be cognizant of your circumstances. Use them to draw others and yourself closer to Jesus. 

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