If you don’t conquer it today, it will control you tomorrow.

Scripture says to learn from the Israelites – in both their successes and their failures.

As I was reading through Joshua, this became apparent. The Israelites saw the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob literally destroy Egypt to free them from slavery.

The first generation didn’t apply this truth today and died in the desert tomorrow because of it.

The next generation saw God take out the major players in Canaan. After this campaign, they were to go to their own lands and take out the smaller players.

Now we read a disastrous phrase, “They subjected the Canaanites to forced labor but didn’t drive them out them completely.”

Their faith stalled and left some of the Canaanites live! These people would later conquer Israel either through war or their gods.

They left conquering the land to the next generation. By not conquering the land, the land ended up controlling them.

Learn from the Israelites! Take care of business today. Ask the Spirit to increase your faith in whatever He is leading you to do right now. Don’t wait until tomorrow.

If not….

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