The meaning of life is raised only through loving Jesus and His words of truth.

Jesus told His disciples that He instructed them while He was still on earth so they would not fall flat on their faces when He left it.

Instructed them with what? Words. Words that held specific truths that would keep them from hurtful falls.

Yet, we find ourselves in a world where the definition of basic words is constantly changing. For example, someone once said they couldn’t define the word “woman.”

Since when did the definition of woman change? Jesus’ definition of the truth based word woman has never changed. Yet, every time that word is used now, the listener can be left wondering who or what the speaker is talking about.

If a listener is hearing definition A for the word woman while the speaker is using definition B for that same word woman, and, the listener makes a decision based on the speaker’s definition thinking it’s the same as their own, they have just been deceived.

This is the basis for Jesus’ warning. He was telling them then and us today that only His truths will set us free from all the negative consequences of sin caused by acting upon lies/deception.

It behooves the child of God, then, to grow in their love for Jesus and constantly get better at listening to and following His life changing words of truth. As we do, the possibility of deception is greatly reduced.

Our love, which means trust, for Him must grow ever stronger in the days ahead. Words have meaning. Will it be His meaning or others? That question can only be answered by you, the listener.

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