Good Company

“You can’t change or control the world around you. You can change and control the world within you.” Warren Wiersbe

Jesus was at home when all of a sudden there was a huge crowd outside. He did the right thing for the right reason. He told them about the Father.

Then dust stared falling on his head. Someone was on the roof trying to get inside the house through the ceiling!

He again did the right thing for the right reason. He not only forgave the guy’s sin, He healed the person’s paralytic body as well.

What did He get for doing the right thing for the right reason? Huge backlash.

Some were praising God for what just happened, while others were ticked and questioned His motives and actions.

Sometimes people are happy with us for doing for doing what Jesus tells us to do. While at other times, people will not. You can only control you choices, not what others might think of or do to you.

Be encouraged my friend. You’re in good company. If they did that to Jesus, it shouldn’t shock you when it happens to you.

Keep doing the right thing for the right reason. It’s building Christ-like character within you. This will last forever while people’s reactions to it will not.

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