Stretched Faith

Each day, you have three choices: go backward, stay the same or go forward.

You should have seen the bruise on the back of my left thigh. It was the size of a deep purple softball!

I was training the only way I knew how to get my body into shape to enter a program I believed Jesus wanted me to be in. This way of training, however, is what caused the deep bruise to surface.

I did a little research and then signed up for a course that taught me a new way of training. Would it work? I didn’t know. I had never trained this way before.

I had a choice. I could keep doing what was comfortable and continue to hurt myself; or, I could trust and rely on their expertise and promises. I took the latter option and made it into the program.

Yes, change is uncomfortable. Yet, who is asking you to change? The expert trainer – the Spirit of Truth. He will guide you into the truth, which once it changes you, brings greater freedom and a stronger faith to face life’s daily struggles.

The Spirit has a proven track record as a trainer. He will make your life better, though not easier as you live in days where those who love Jesus are having their faith challenged.

The Spirit wants to stretch and make your faith stronger. You now have a choice. Go backward. Stay the same. Go forward. It’s not easy, but going forward is the best choice.

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