Hidden in Plain Sight

Some things can only be seen when Jesus lets us see them.

I worked at a summer camp where the campers played a game called “Hide and Seek.” They got points every time they “found” a staff member who was hiding somewhere on the premises.

They never found a certain member who hid in plain sight. This guy dressed up as a homeless person playing a guitar right in front of the general store.

This guy would take a sip from a bottle that appeared to be filled with beer whenever a camper came to the store. There was no way a Christian staff member would drink beer, especially at camp, right? Yet, the bottle was filled with sparkling apple cider!

They couldn’t “see” what was sitting right before their eyes.

Elisha’s servant had the same problem. All he could see was a huge army ready to imprison Elisha. What he couldn’t see was a wall of angels protecting them. It took the Lord to open the servant’s eyes to see what was in plain sight.

And so do you and me. We need the Spirit to open our eyes to see through the deception of the western culture of emotions, feelings, desires and individual truths based decisions and lifestyles.

If you want to stay out of the enemy’s prison, you must ask the Spirit to open your eyes to see what is in plain sight – Jesus and the truths He’ll give you to stay out of them.

Allow the Spirit to open your eyes to see what is in plain sight.

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