Grab the Moment

Focus on Jesus, not yourself, and you’ll be ready for any moment.

It was 1948. WWII was over. Britain, in a few short months, was leaving Palestine for good.

The only way for the Jewish people already living in Palestine to protect themselves was to declare a new state – the State of Israel. And for this new country to survive, it would need the powerful US to recognize her right to exist.

President Truman, the US President, was refusing to see or to discuss the issue with anyone due to the constant bombardment he received from people on all sides of the issue from around the world and US.

Yet, one man got through, a longtime friend, Eddie Jacobson. This moment led to another moment, which led to President Truman giving his word that if Israel proclaimed themselves a country when Britain left, he would immediately recognize them.

One man, out of friendship, was in a place, for a mere moment in time, to change the course of history.

You have access to all kinds of people who share your struggles (1 Corinthians 10:13). And in those moments with them, if taken, you can change the world, their world, by sharing how Jesus has changed your life. You can make a difference!

Slow down. Stop worrying about you. You know where you’re going, right?

Be open for and grab those moments to share Jesus and change someone’s life forever.

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