He Did and Does!

“When God is in control, I can face things that are out of my control and not act out of control.” Lysa Terquest

It was still dark on this early morning drive to southern Texas some forty years ago. I had two people fast asleep when it happened.

I was driving an unfamiliar road when all of a sudden my car went into a spin. No matter what I did, the spin only got worse.

I finally took my hands off the wheel and said, “Jesus take control.” He did. I hit black ice and didn’t know it. The car eventually stopped safely on the shoulder. Everyone was safe and asleep, though my heart rate was a tad bit on the high side.

So, every time I hear Carrie Underwood sing, “Jesus Take The Wheel”, I think of my own situation.

Yet lately, Jesus has had that song steadily running in my head. I sense He wants me to meditate on the chorus: Jesus, take the wheel / Take it from my hands / ‘Cause I can’t do this on my own / I’m letting go / So give me one more chance / And save me from this road I’m on / Jesus, take the wheel.

Maybe He’s wanting you to do the same? You’ve been trying to get through a certain task, situation or string of days without asking Him for direction and/or strength?

Let Jesus take the wheel of your life. Let Him show you what path to take. And, ask Him for the power to walk that specific path.

He will help you arrive safely to where He wants you to go.

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