Today not Yesterday

“This is the day the Lord has made.”

The Lord gave Ezekiel a message for the Israelites living in what is now called Iraq. He told them not to focus on yesterday.

They were told to live in the presence of the living God and experience the joy only He could give, no matter their current circumstances, today.

Some of his listeners had willingly come to Iraq. While they were still living in Jerusalem, Jeremiah told them they would live as long as they surrendered to King Nebuchadnezzar. They did and they were.

Some to whom Ezekiel was talking, however, unwillingly came. They deserved to die in Jerusalem. And yet, God spared them and brought them to Iraq anyway.

Some did the right thing while others did the wrong thing. This is who God was talking to through Ezekiel.

Yesterday is over. Don’t waste time living in the past by either focusing on your right choices or your wrong choices.

Today is all you have. Choose to live in the presence of Jesus right now. It’s the only choice you have total control over.

And, it’s the only choice that brings joy no matter what your current circumstances are.

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