When Faith is Faith

“Doubt is not the opposite of faith; it is one element of faith.” Paul Tillich

Faith is not the same as religion. Faith is about being uncomfortable. Religion is about staying cozy. Faith is about giving up control. Religion is about keeping it.

Faith by its mere definition means taking an action hoping the outcome you’re wanting will actually happen. Jesus lived this way. Think about it. Jesus repeatedly said that He was going to be arrested, beaten, killed and then risen from the dead as that is what the Father asked Him to do.

The easy part of His faith journey would be to get arrest and beaten. The hard part was dying. Talk about being uncomfortable and out of control!

The only way for Jesus to show that He actually believed was to let Himself be killed. Faith is not faith until you actually put it into practice. Jesus did.

Action while doubting is being real, as faith is the assurance that what He is asking you to do will turn out for your good and His glory. Jesus trusted His Father so much that He knew life after death was a done deal.

Was it still a risk? You bet! But Jesus moved beyond religion to faith and rose again. Are you not glad He did?

My friends, the world needs a little hope today. Choose to take the faith step Jesus is asking of you. We all will be better off because of that step.

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