“God speaks in the silence of the heart.” Mother Teresa

I think most of us are afraid of silence. We’re afraid we might hear something we don’t want to surface. And/or, we’re afraid we might hear God ask of us something we don’t want to answer.

The shofar illustrates this truth of silence. “The shofar is the most basic and primal of musical instruments. The sound of the shofar is essentially the person’s breath channeled through an organic amplifier. While concentrating on the sound of the shofar, the person creates an inner silence that allows them a deeper level of introspection, a chance to hear their own personal and God’s still small voice” both in the midst of sound.

Our breath, not our words, create the sounds of the shofar. Our breath brings the shofar alive.

Have you ever been silent enough to hear yourself breathe? At the most basic level, it lets you know you’re alive.

Alive, though, goes beyond just breathing. It’s about living with an eternal purpose that only God can give, which makes you feel alive – not matter your age or health status.

Don’t be so busy doing that can’t hear to be, which is actually what the doing is all about.

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