Own It

“God does not guide those who want to run their own life.” Winkie Pratney

Psalm 7 starts with the phrase, “A shiggaion of David.” The word shiggaion has no English word equivalent. Thus, it is transliterated from Hebrew into English one letter at a time.

Therefore, what does “A shaggaion of David” mean? My best guess is this. The transliterated word comes from another Hebrew word that means to make a mistake, to stray from God through ignorance. Thus, this could read, “A mistake or sin of David.”

David goes onto to write that he was turning to God to save him from people that wanted to eat him alive. After which He pens, “O LORD my God, if I have done this and there is guilt on my hands…then let my enemy pursue and overtake me.”

David wasn’t going to play the victim card. He was asking, “Lord, did I bring this pain on by my own choices? If so, I own it. Let the consequences be what may.”

We must be honest with ourselves. Some of our challenges are brought on by our own choices, not life or someone else’s.

And the only way for the challenge to stop is to own our mistake/sin, ask God and maybe others to forgive us; and then, correct the mistake by doing what is right in the Spirit’s power.

Saying, “I’m sorry” is not enough. Fixing the problem is.

If you are going through a challenge today, ask the Lord, “Did I cause this?” If so, ask Him to give you the faith and strength to fix it.

If not, then run to the Lord as your refuge to weather the storm just as David did.

Either way, by owning it, you win.

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