Whispering Willows

“We do not need a church that will move with the world, but one that will move the world.” GK Chesterton

We can learn a lot about God from nature (Rom. 1:20). Take for example, the willow tree. It requires a tremendous amount of water to grow and stay healthy.

Besides growing near water, it also grows near other plants. In fact, the meaning of the Modern Hebrew word for willow is “mixture.” This hints to the fact that it needs to be attached to others.

Listen to the willows whisper: we need Jesus, the Living Water, who says we need others for us to love and become more like Him in a world who needs us to share Him with it.

There are far too many Christians who think the Church is irrelevant today to make any kind of commitment to being part of any gathering of it – small or large, building or not.

Want to move the world rather than be moved by it? One author put it this way, “Through the power of community and involvement, even someone who starts out as ordinary can become extraordinary!”

Walk in community with Jesus. Who is your community? Commit, thick and thin, and then grow with them to move the world!

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