Bring Heaven to Earth

Let God use your life to show off Who He is.

David starts out Psalm 19 by writing six verses about how God shows off who He is through His creation. Then, he uses the next eight verses to talk about how God’s Word can work wonders in one’s life.

There is a God out there who is talking. He’s telling all of humanity who He is and what He can do when listened to (vs. 1-6). Then, as those who apply what He says to do, they will see their lives forever changed (vs. 7-14).

This change comes about because they took the given empirical data (head knowledge) and used it in their everyday choices (life experience). This allows those around them to see Who God is in everyday life, which is a witness and what Jesus has asked His followers to be.

Head knowledge people, however, can’t be a witness. They have never experienced that knowledge for themselves.

God is still talking through His creation. And those who say they love Jesus can bring heaven to earth as they move beyond theory to actually living out that theory in their daily choices.

Choose to allow God to use you to show off Who He is, today.

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