Cause and Effect

Seeds planted today bear edible fruit tomorrow.

I was recently on Kauai with my family. I sure miss the ocean. I currently live in the high desert where I am about 1.25 hours away from the beach. I miss watching the waves that mesmerize and calm me at the same time.

It was very cool to watch the swells roll in and finally see them form waves that surfers rode into the beach.

It was then the Lord brought me a message. Your life is like those swells. Storms miles away caused those swells where sometimes it only took days for them to hit a surface that allowed them to break into a ridable wave, the effect.

What you do today will be harvested – good or bad – tomorrow. What are the storms of your producing in you?

Keep in mind that God’s grace covers the ultimate consequence of our choices (eternal separation from Him) but not from all the consequences we might face here on earth.

Surrender to the Spirit and allow your life’s storms produce Christlike character in you.

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