It’s Time to Believe

The greatest joy in life is gaining what one can’t lose.

What are we truly willing to live for that doesn’t come through dying?

Without dying physically, we can’t taste the life that never ends. Without letting go of our goals, our visions, our wants, our desires, our way of living, and/or our way of thinking we can’t experience the life He has for us.

Yet, we fear what we don’t know. Jesus, though, knows what we fear and defeated it. The real question is, “Are we living to exist or existing to live?”

Jesus said whoever wishes to gain their life must lose it, and to those who choose to lose their life for Him will end up saving it. Seems like a paradox, but it’s the spiritual reality in which we live in.

We often live for what we can see, rather than for what we can’t. I once read that something doesn’t just happen and then we believe. No, belief comes first. Do we believe that through dying we gain something that we can never lose?

What is Jesus asking you to die to today in order to experience the life that He has for you? Salvation – a changed life now that enters eternity with us – will come.

It’s time to believe…first.

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