We ask for a map to deal with life. Jesus, instead, gives us a compass and says to follow Him.

Are you seeing a sunset or sunrise? It depends on what coast you’re on, west or east, and what time of day it is. 

I was looking at a sunset that confused me. I was on the west coast of the country and looking at water, which I thought was an ocean. 

I pulled out my compass to discover I was facing east! I was so disorientated. There was no way I could be facing east, but I was.

There are times when life disorients us. We have difficulties knowing whether we’re coming or going. This is why truth is so important. The compass revealed truth whether I believed it or not. I had to change to it, not it to me.

We live in a time that wants to change the truth/compass. If you let them win, you lose. 

Jesus is the truth that gives us purpose and direction. Stay in the Word and listen to and then follow Jesus practicing the truth in your daily choices. 

Enjoy the sunrises and sunsets of life! Jesus made them. 

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