Tell people they are victims and they’ll act like victims.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ was a huge statement in both the seen and unseen world.

It told the unseen world they are delusional to think that they can ultimately win the war for this planet. Jesus took away their ultimate tool – the fear of death and the unknown of what’s on the other side of this plane of existence.

Jesus as God entered the world like all humans do – conception and birth. He grew into adulthood. Fulfilled His Father given purpose (Jn. 3:16). Was murdered on Passover; and then, rose again on the Feast of Firstfruits or Resurrection Day.

This is crucial. He died physically and came back to life physically, scars and all. He is alive and victorious. We now have physical and historical proof that there is life after death due to Jesus’ victory over death. The unseen world is defeated, though still delusional.

His resurrection also affects the seen world. His resurrection and life can bring dead marriages back to life. Give dead-end jobs purpose. Breathe life back into deflated dreams. And, bring hope where there is none.

The words you tell yourself each day have a huge impact on your attitude and your choices. You are not a victim!! Christ is alive and so are you! Jesus is victorious and so are you!

So start waking up each day with a victorious attitude. You can win today through the position you hold as God’s child due to Jesus’ victory over the grave. You can win today through resurrection power due to God living inside you. You can defeat the enemies in both the unseen and seen realms of life.

You are a victorious child of God. Think and act like it…today!

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