Come Sit

You don’t need to be in continual motion.

An old black and white TV show character would often say, “Come sit a spell.” It goes with an adage that says, “Take a load off.”

The English word Sabbath or Shabbat in Hebrew means to rest. Yet this word carries addition meaning when we examine the word group that it belongs to.

We are to sit or take a load off by dwelling in God’s presence. These words are used of Jewish schools called yeshivas where students would sit around a table discerning what God said in His Word.

Another word in this group is to return. This speaks of returning to the only One who can give true rest, God. Resting then means to realign ourselves with and to stay close to our Father.

Yet, as Jesus believers, we often think that we have to do for God. Seriously? Like He needs us to do anything for Him. Remember, He is God and simply asks us “to be still and know that He is God.”

We are children of a God who knows the future and will work everything we face out for His purpose and glory. The world’s direction and fate are in His hands, not ours.

Slow down (rest – de-stress, take a deep breath). Take a load off (sit – stop running your mind 24/7 over life that’s outside your control) and come sit a spell with (return – it’s not about you!) Him (dwell – be with Him).

He’ll show you what He wants you to do with Him, even if that’s to literally come sit quietly and simply with Him.

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