The Highest

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me.” Jesus

When we are in Mammoth, our beloved vacation spot, my wife and I love to take our reclining chairs and a mug of hot coffee into an open area, put on some worship music and then simply watch the stars.

The entire time, we are reminded of how small we are and how BIG our God is. There is no authority or being higher or bigger than our God.

Nehemiah knew this truth. He repeatedly used the phrase the LORD God of heaven in his book. He was faced with a humongous task and was given an even bigger vision to accomplish that task.

Yet, he had to get the highest authority on earth at the time, the Persian King, to not only let him return to Jerusalem, but to also give him the necessary resources and authority to get it done when he got there.

So what did Nehemiah do? He went up the chain of command! He appealed to the King of kings – the LORD God of heaven.

When God puts a vision on your heart, it’s usually much bigger than you can do on your own. Why? He wants you to trust in His ability not yours to get it done. So, when that vision becomes reality, there is only One Person who can take the credit, Him.

Are you facing a humongous challenge in doing what God asked you to do (victory in your marriage, over your drugs of choice, etc.)? If you are, let me ask you one extremely important question: Are you staying plugged into the highest authority – the LORD God of heaven – or trying to get it done in your own power?

As you read Nehemiah’s story, you’ll find him constantly calling upon the King of kings for his strength and provision. The God we love and serve is above all – our doubts, our insecurities, even our opposition.

Remember and rely on this truth: Our God is The Highest. He is the LORD God of heaven and no one can stop Him from doing what He wants done with and for Him.

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