Present with Jesus

Momentary pleasure can lead to long-term pain. Momentary pain can lead to long-term gain.

The following got me thinking about how I live in relation to what we call today. Our answer has implications for all areas of our lives.

“We human beings have a natural inclination to fantasize and worry about the future and to replay the past in our heads, over and over.

“Our minds are like monkeys, vaulting from thought to thought like monkeys swinging from tree to tree. And what is the end result? We spend a significant portion of our lives engaged, not fully in the moment, but in thoughts of the past or future. We constantly sacrifice the now, the actual, living present, for fleeting thoughts of what was or what will be.”

Hmm. Will we miss today’s moments for yesterday’s hours or tomorrow’s months? This is our choice. When you are with your kids, spouse and/or friends, are you fully engaged in the moment or elsewhere? Are you open to the new ways of victory the Lord wants to show you or stuck in the old ways of failure?

Our past is over and forgiven, why live there? Yes, we plan for tomorrow, but it is still all in the Lord’s hands; so, why sacrifice today in the service of tomorrow?

Enjoy the moments of today with Jesus. You can’t get them back tomorrow. Follow Him as long as it is called now.

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