The Cross, Empty Tomb or Life Focused – Pt. 3

You become what you focus on and what you focus on only gets bigger.

Can Jesus do what He promised? Our words and actions reveal whether or not we believe He can.

Once Peter proclaimed that Jesus was the Messiah, the King of Israel, Jesus started talking about His own future. He would suffer, be killed and then rise from the grave after three days.

Peter actually rebuked Jesus for saying such a thing! He didn’t or couldn’t believe what Jesus said was even remotely true. Peter’s current thinking as to what the Messiah should do was being challenged by Jesus, which was be king in Jerusalem then.

And yet, no matter how many times Jesus said this to His disciples, men and women alike, they simply didn’t believe Him even after seeing an empty tomb! Their old way of thinking/focus was getting in the way of the bright future He promised them.

Is that you and me? Has the Spirit been asking to transform an area of our life; and yet, we are stuck looking at an empty tomb in disbelief, “It can’t happen to me, can it?”

Yes it can. Jesus promised not only to give us eternal life, but life today as well. He wants to take our worn out and useless character and replace it with an eternal and victorious one, His.

Where is your focus – your past mistakes (the cross), your disbelief (the empty tomb) or on the life giving words of truth about His outcome for your life? Whatever you choose will sink deeper into your brain, which only makes change come that much sooner or take that much longer.

Choose to focus/meditate on the life giving truths the Spirit gives, the ones that will set you free/change your life. And then, take a leap of faith by putting that truth into action when it’s decision time.

Change will come one focused choice at a time. And oh yeah, Jesus is alive!!

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