The Cross, the Empty Tomb or Life Focused – Pt. 4

You become what you focus on and what you focus on only gets bigger.

Peter was upset, big time. Jesus had just asked him for the third time in a few short moments, “Do you really love Me?”

Peter was the same old Peter, at that point. Instead of believing an empty tomb, he doubted what Jesus said would happen. Instead of going to Galilee, he hunkered down in a Jerusalem room out of fear.

Peter focused on his past mistakes, rather than the power Jesus offered in the present through the resurrection. As Peter experienced that power, though, instead of putting his feet in his mouth, he stood on them and up for Jesus.

The Father changed Peter. His words, his stance and life were changed. And, just as the Father changed Peter’s life, He can change your and my life as well. It’s time to believe it!

Stay focused on the truth the Spirit gives you, not the cross (forgiveness for failures) or the empty grave (disbelief). Your focus and focused choices in the Spirit’s life changing power are crucial. You do become Who and what you focus on.

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