Hear from Your Shepherd

“If you have trouble hearing God speak, you are in trouble at the very core of your walk with Christ.” Blackaby

When have you ever seen a shepherd feed the sheep? They don’t, unless that sheep is sick. Healthy sheep feed themselves wherever the Shepherd takes them.

David’s life was not an easy one in getting to where God wanted him, Israel’s throne. David literally risked his life time and time again only to thrive under hardship. He was hunted down numerous times by his own government only to grow in his faith. He was looked down upon by his own family and betrayed by his own people only to rise above their expectations.

David was always on the move; and yet, David tells us he was being shepherded by God Himself. It was his Shepherd who constantly led him to green pastures and along still waters (Ps. 23:2). It was his Shepherd who moved David, even when he didn’t want to go (Ps. 23:4), to be where his Shepherd knew he should be.

Yet, it never says David’s Shepherd made him eat or drink! David had to do that for himself. When David chose to eat where his Shepherd brought him, though, his soul was restored or brought closer to his Shepherd.

It was his Shepherd, not David, who knew exactly where the food and water was for David to thrive here on earth. David, though, had to want to be healthy and eat and drink where his Shepherd put him.

Just like it was David’s choice to be healthy or sick, so it is with you. Just like David chose to hear from his Shepherd rather than listen to those around him, so must you. And just like the Good Shepherd had plans on David’s life, He has plans on your life as well.

The Good Shepherd wants you to hear from Him so He can lead you where He wants you to go in order to find a true and fulfilling life in an ever changing and chaotic world.

The only questions is: Will you choose to hear from your Shepherd and go where He leads?

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