It’s His Job

The best in life is not what is seen or heard; but what God is doing behind the scenes.

No matter how much I want to see those around me become more like Jesus, I can’t make it happen. Only Jesus’ can.

Israel had a King. They wanted a human king, instead, to lead them into battle. God was supposed to be that person, as modeled by Joshua. God would give Joshua the battle plan before and during the battle.

Joshua had to keep listening to and following the Lord for himself. It was the same for each tribe and family. Listen to and follow the Lord before and in the midst of the battle for victory.

Israel got tired of that methodology. They wanted a human king to do it all for them. Samuel tried to persuade them to change their minds to no avail. They wanted a human king, rather than God, to follow.

God finally told Samuel, “It’s My job. Leave it to Me.” What was Samuel to do? Pray. In fact, Samuel said it would be sin if he didn’t.

As we do church with other believers, we want to see them become more like Jesus. And, there will be times when, after lovingly sharing the truth with them, especially when we’ve been there and done that ourselves, they will still choose to go down the wrong path. What can we do?  

Don’t get frustrated with them. Keep praying for God to do His job, which is to change them. Don’t wash your hands of them. Keep praying for God to break through their fog by allowing Him to change them. Stay on your knees for them in this battle by asking God to do what only He can do, change their life.

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