Simply Hard

How His power works is a mystery; but, it works.

A few years back, I was flying home from Israel when I heard some guys talking about philosophy. After a few minutes, I chimed in, “You’re making it way too difficult. You can talk theory all day long, but how do you make choices in real life situations?”

They chuckled and said, “It’s not that easy.” So I continued to listen until the stewardess told us to take our seats as the conversation was becoming too lively.

Yet, one who chuckled told me he was struggling and wanted to know what to do about it. Instead of chuckling, we had a great talk.

Jesus made life simple, “Listen and follow Me.” What makes this simplicity so hard is a wonderful thing we all cherish, free will, which means we can make choices we wish we hadn’t.

David writes about this in Psalm 19. He starts by saying God is speaking to us through His creation, and, will hold us accountable for every choice we make.

Therefore, David writes, “Let the words that come out of my mouth and the thoughts that roll around in my head be pleasing to you, Lord.” He is filtering his words and thoughts through the Lord, making sure he’s got the listening part down pat.

He then goes on to say, “The Lord is my strength.” He needed supernatural power from above to actually do what he heard God say. Cool. He’s got the power to choose correctly. Fantastic, right?

Well, David didn’t stop there. He went on to say that the Lord was his redeemer. There would times David would mess up. (Man, did he ever!) Yet, the Lord can make it right if David choose to own his bad choice. Learn from the Lord as to why he went down that path…again. And then retrain his brain (Romans 12:2) with this new information to actually do what the Lord wanted done in the first place.

As we let this truth of Jesus being our redeemer sink deeper into our brains, and with each future choice we ask for His strength, we will do the hard thing, which makes us more Christ like, the ultimate fulfillment of any choice.

May you do the hard thing by actually asking why you chose poorly; rather than simply asking for His forgiveness again and again for the same poor choice.

Be redeemed to experience true freedom to live life to the fullest.

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