Choose to Spiral Upward

Jesus is your redemption right now!

As never having had my father’s approval, I seek my Father’s approval through doing what He says to do; and then hearing, “This is My son whom I love and am proud of.”

Yet, I fail many times a day. And when I blow it, I can be triggered to spiral downward. I mean, I fell; so, I might as well stay down, right?

As I write this, a certain incident came to mind. I was hanging out with a friend. As we chatted it up, the thought of having a soda came to mind. I really wanted to head to the store and get that soda.

Is that sin? It depends on whether or not your Father said, “I don’t want you having it today.” It’s not the drink. It’s the obedience.

Oh come on Chris, it’s just a soda. True, but that day was a no soda day as He was trying to teach me something about Himself using that soda.  Well, I focused on how good that soda would taste and eventually bought one.

Now, I want you to look at the picture. It’s a spiral staircase. It can either be spiraling upward or downward depending on your point of view. I chose downward. I not only kept on drinking; but, I went back into the store to refill my cup!

What truth(s) did I need to focus on immediately after taking that first sip? The truths of 1 Cor. 1:30. Jesus is my righteousness (the ability not to drink the soda), my holiness (the strength to stay close to my Father by trashing the soda thought before I drank) and my redemption (trash the soda cup after the first draw on the straw).

His redemption through His blood bought that sinful choice; thus, I was free to start over again with His righteousness and holiness to make an obedient choice – toss the cup and not refill it.

Silly illustration? Maybe. But how many “really bad” choices could have been triggered by this “not so bad” choice? How far down do you want to spiral? Until we hate any sin that separates us from our Father, who provides the acceptance and fulfillment we all crave, is the answer.

When you have a soda moment, quickly focus on the truth that Jesus is your redeemer…right now, not sometime in the future. And then, choose to spiral upward!

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