The Father can give special insight about tomorrow for us to prepare for it today.

Passover, which is Monday April 22, starts God’s prophetical timeline of major biblical events (Leviticus 23).

This timeline began with Jesus coming the first time to save us and to earn the right to become King (Passover). And, it ends with Jesus coming back a second time to sit on David’s throne as King (Yom Kippur & Tabernacles). (see for an explanation of their past and future fulfillment in Christ.)

Why did God tell us the future? He wanted us to be prepared to act in response to what He was going to do. For example, Jesus repeatedly told His men that He would be handed over to the authorities, killed and rise again in order for them to successfully handle life when it occurred.

Did they? No. When Jesus was arrested, Peter tried to kill a man in Gethsemane. When Jesus was killed, all His men were hiding behind locked doors out of fear of it happening to them. When Jesus rose from the grave, John and Peter still didn’t believe He was alive despite seeing an empty tomb.

I’m not saying He does it all the time. But when He does, it is about being prepared to successfully navigate life before that tomorrow becomes today. Are you open to it? If so, will you act by faith in preparation for it? Noah did, and he built a boat that saved the lives of his entire family.

There certainly is enough in Scripture that if you follow it, you will be prepared for tomorrow today. Be ready to accept and make decisions, however, if He gives you special spiritual intel about the future. Many lives could be spared a lot of heartache if you do.

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