Focus on God, Not His Methods

God’s methods are not as important as He is.

One of Hezekiah’s first acts as king was to clean Judah’s house quite literally of idols and false places of worship. Yet, 2 Kings 18 records a very interesting statement, “He broke into pieces the bronze snake that Moses made.”

A little history lesson is needed. The Israelites became impatient with God’s methodology and started whining. Soon after running out of food, God satisfied their hunger with bread from heaven.

Every day they saw God miraculously provide for their needs. Instead of thanking God, though, they started complaining that God’s food was lousy. He longer was who they thought He should be.

God’s response? He sent snakes to get their attention. Oh did they ever! Some people were bitten and died. Others were left in pain who now looked to God and His solution, which was for Moses to take a snake and wrap it around a pole. In order for them to be healed, all they had to do was to look at the snake on a pole.

The lesson was simple: It wasn’t the bread or snake that solved their problems. It was God using various means to do so.

Now fast forward a few centuries to Hezekiah. This same bronze snake was still hanging around! In fact, people were burning incense to it as if the snake did all the work. They worshipped the instrument rather than God Himself.

Hezekiah destroyed this snake. He learned his lesson from history. He sought the Lord, who used an entirely different method to take care of a vastly superior enemy.

Stop looking for God to act the same way each time you face a challenge. He just might surprise you in how He solves it. He used ravens with Elijah!

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