Less is More

More of Jesus, less of me.

“I sure wish Jesus had nothing to say.” Can you imagine that?

You’re probably asking, “What in the world is he talking about?” John writes in 1 John 2 that obedience is the goal of those who love Jesus. Obedience is how we show, not just say, we love God that results in less sinning which each choice of obedience.

John then goes on to say, if we do sin, though, Jesus has our back with the Father. “Hey, Abba, I’ve got that one and that one and that one and that one….” He doesn’t want us to mess up, but He also realizes that the process of growth/change is never a straight line.

Change is never easy. The between zone (April 25, 2024 entry) can get pretty ugly and rough at times. Our Father, though, is love. And, He tells us that perfect love doesn’t fear punishment or shame as He took care of both on the cross through Jesus’ death. Love is what draws us near to Him.  

Yes, Jesus is a great talker. But, how about giving Him a rest so He can hear more of our praises for both the small and big victories He is producing in us? Less sin and more praises.

Less of me is indeed more Him, don’t you think?

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