Test to Testimony

gethsemaneOne of the lowest moments, I believe, Jesus ever experienced was in the garden of Gethsemane. Would He go to the cross for which He was destined? He struggled alone as His friends lay asleep. He was so alone. His entire life had been lived in constant communication with His Dad. They literally talked over everything; and yet, now the lines were down. He was completely alone. So alone in fact that He sweat blood. I can only imagine the high He felt after the cross and through the grave when those lines were up and running again with the Father.
It’s been said that you can’t have the highs without first experiencing the lows. You don’t really know what feeling full is without having felt being hungry. There was no resurrection without death. There’s no testimony without a test.
We must first see our need for Jesus and then transfer our trust to Him, which for almost all of us occurs during challenges, often severe ones. (Hebrews 12:7-11) It is as we see Jesus work in our life that we can now be a witness, one who has experienced Jesus firsthand.
Choose to trust Jesus, even during the low moments. The highs are coming and oh what a story you’ll be able to tell when they come!
“S”et Free Nowww

Who’s the Whose?

whoIt’s not who I am, but whose I am that counts when it comes to the believer’s security. It isn’t what I do that determines who I am, but what someone else did for me that gives me solid ground on which to stand.
Therefore, the more you know about whose you are the more secure you’ll feel at any point in time. And who’s the who in the whose? Jesus. It is through faith in Jesus and what He did, not in ourselves and what we do, that gives us the right to become secure children of God.
So the more we know from head knowledge put into life experience about Jesus and what He did for us, the more secure we’ll feel despite any difficult circumstances we might face. Jesus is a Rock on which to stand during life’s storms; but, if what you know about Him stays in your head, you’re on pretty shaky ground.
So who’s the who in the whose to you and how well do you know Him?
“S”et Free Nowww

More Doesn’t Satisfy

satisfied-cupThe first comic strip pane shows a dad driving to work. The next one shows him recounting his blessings: his fantastic job, awesome wife, wonderful kids, beautiful home, close friends, etc. The next frame has him thinking and then blurting out, “I WANT MORE!!”
I read this after just having to slow down because of the rain, which allowed me to not feel guilty for not being outside doing something! Where I live it’s a very fast paced world. It’s seems I’m always reaching for more, especially of Jesus.
This mindset is stressful and is based in a lie. Jesus came to give us eternal life that starts the moment of transferring our trust to Him, not when we die. Colossians 2:9 states that we are complete in Christ. I have everything I need to be at peace and experience life right now, not later.
Will our more ever truly satisfy us so that we will not still want more even after we get what we think we want? It doesn’t and leads to the taking of our drugs of choice. Let Jesus give you the truths you need to appreciate today, so you can let whatever comes tomorrow stay in tomorrow.
S“E”t Free Nowww

Good Seed

wheat-seedsGood seed + good soil = good fruit. Bad seed + good soil = bad fruit. Good seed + bad soil = no fruit. Only one equation produces the kind of life you’re looking for, the first one.
Jesus is the good seed. Good soil is a heart that’s ready to listen to and follow that Seed through loving obedience. This combination, through the Spirit’s power, produces character qualities that not only last for eternity, but also will bring the true love, significance and security that you seek.
Keep in mind, you plant seed one way or another: Jesus or the other guy. It’s your choice. How do you want your life to turn out? Today, as you listen to Jesus in Scripture, choose to exercise the truth by faith Spirit empowered to produce the kind of fruit worth eating. Go ahead. Taste and see that the Lord is good!
Set Fre“E” Nowww

Guilt is Good

guilt-is-goodThere are two schools of thought when it comes to weighing yourself in attempting to lose weight. One is to weigh yourself only once a week and the other is to do it daily.
When it comes to walking with Jesus, we must weigh ourselves moment by moment. The Spirit uses guilt like a scale registers weight gain. It’s to get our attention. “Hey, you’re going the wrong direction.” You can ignore it and continue to stray from Jesus, which only brings further pain through loss of joy, peace, satisfaction and so on.
True guilt, meaning we’ve actually done something wrong/sinful, is the Spirit calling us to repent, change directions, to get back to Jesus, the source of all the good.
Feeling guilty is your choice. You choose it by making the choice to step away from Jesus and then continue by ignoring the Spirit’s call to return. Scripture, however, says if we confess our sins Jesus is faithful to forgive and to cleanse us from all guilt (1 John 1:9).
Choose to get rid of guilt by acknowledging what you’re doing is sin. Asking Jesus’ forgiveness. And then taking action, a faith step empowered by the Spirit, to now do what Jesus said to do. Guilt will be replaced with peace…guaranteed.
Set Fre“E” Now“W”w