Underdogs Rock!

underdogOver the past few weeks, in my Bible Impact Scripture reading, I’ve repeatedly been running into the following theme: the power of the One in one. God loves to choose the least likely, at least in people’s eyes, to do something great and then uses them to accomplish His purposes; thus the power of the One, God, in one, you.
The phrase “in Christ” is a very important phrase. As secure child of God we live in Him and He lives in us. Jesus said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”
You have all the power you’ll ever need each day to accomplish the “good work” He put you here to do. How? You are “in Christ” and He is in you every day everywhere – no matter where your steps take you. Always remember this. Let say it differently – don’t you ever forget this truth!
You may feel like an underdog, the last one anyone, including yourself, God could use to change a life for eternity. But the powerful One lives inside you wherever you go. He is the Rock who can make you rock! So, who will you touch today for Christ in Christ? Go make His day and yours today as underdogs do and can rock.
“S”et Free Nowww

An Important Reminder About Today

Jesus joyAngelo Gonzales, a good friend of mine, put the following words to music in the song “Never Alone”. It’s a good reminder to all of us.
“When your world falls apart drifting toward a black hole
When the emptiness is crowding you are never alone
When the reflection in the mirror is the sight you hate to see
Just know I see that same image and it’s beautiful to me
So I don’t care what people say and I don’t care what people think
You are more than broken promises and more than past mistakes
You are the reason for my being why I took you by the hand, had me singing say say say and we threw caution to the wind
I rearranged the earth and stars to let the moon shine on your face as a reflection of the sun to remind you of brighter days
Days of no more insecurities or trying to prove yourself you have nothing left to prove because the proof is in yourself
Days of knowing who you are and who you’re really meant to be
That’s why I came here with keys to open up and set you free
And all the suffering and pain and years of never ending rain
Will no longer remind you of you trying to run away”

The key is to live between who you are and who you will become with Jesus bought and brought joy and life.
S“E”t Free Nowww

Sling Some Truth at Yourself

truth unstuck“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” I had to say that quite a bit as a kid. I was little chubby. No, let’s be honest. I was fat and those pounds didn’t melt away until I hit my teams, regardless of how active I was.
Names. They can be tools that uplift us; and, they can cause damage as well. These names, whether they’re accurate or not, tend to stick to us like mud slung against a wall. You don’t have control over what others say about you; but you have total control over the names you call yourself!
As we tend to be harder on ourselves than on others, our enemy will try and take advantage of that fact. It’s time to stop slinging more mud at yourself and to wash any mud that’s already stuck to the walls of your brain.
Let me give you a tool the Lord’s effectively used in my life to scrub the walls of my brain. Praise music. He uses songs put there by our Sunday service music team. He uses songs that I play on my phone. He even uses songs from ages ago to scrub my brain.
The next time you want to bad mouth yourself, which can definitely lead you down the path to your drug of choice, start humming the tune the Spirit brings to mind. Let life and peace bringing words stick to the walls of your brain. It’s a much prettier picture!
S“E”t Free Nowww

In What State Do You Live?

Negative-to-PositiveEveryday we live in either a negative state or positive state by our own choice. It was once thought that a negative person was born that way. It was as if some people were naturally upbeat and others were not.
This is simply not true, especially for the believer. What do you we have to positive about? Jesus! We are safely in two sets of hands all day long – Jesus’ and the Father’s. He has given us eternal, not temporary, life. He is greater than any enemy that we’ll ever face and He goes with us everywhere we go. He’s given us all the authority we’ll ever need to fight, even the unseen world. So again, what do we have to “rejoice in the Lord always” about?
Research study after research study shows that those who live in loving relationships improve physical health. One showed that a stressful marriage can be as harmful to the heart as a daily smoking habit. We don’t always get to choose our thoughts, but we do have control over what we will do with them. We can squeeze them out like putrid water in a towel or let them soak, which only leads to negativity and our drug taking.
You are a valuable and secure child of God. It’s time to choose to have a positive outlook. The negative ramifications are simply not worth it.
“S”et “FREE” Nowww

Looking Forward to the Possibilities…And It’s Only Monday!

endless oppsSomeone once said, “Don’t let your future be based on yours or someone elses past.” The only good that can come from looking back is to give and/or to get forgiveness and then learn from it. Don’t let yours or others past mistakes affect your present.
It’s a new week. Look forward to how you can spend it with Jesus. See it for the many new opportunities to choose to express your love for Jesus. Focus on the truths the Spirit gives you from the Word to experience Jesus show up in your life and to achieve victory over your drugs of choice.
You don’t know how our week will unfold. You do know, though, who’s in charge of the unfolding. Choose to keep listening to and following Him and come next Sunday, you truly will go to a celebration service!
Set Free N“O”www