Get It All Out

“God never said that our journey would be easy, but He did say that our arrival would be worthwhile.” Max Lucado
Growing up I heard a commercial jingle, “Good to the last drop.” It was about a certain coffee brand where from the first sip to the last drop falling off the cup’s lip were just as tasty.
But you wouldn’t know it until you sucked out that last drop!
Each of us, the moment we come to faith in Jesus for salvation, has been given a “good work” to do.
That good work begins each day with the initial sip and ends with the last drop falling from the cup.
How many of us actually get the last drop of Spirit-given potential from the good work He has asked of us today?
Ask yourself, “Did I do just enough to get through today or did I listen to and follow Jesus; and then, through His power, do whatever He asked of me to the last drop?”
The Spirit states that in whatever we do, we are to do it in Jesus’ name. Doesn’t He deserve the last drop of our love and devotion?
Thanks to those who’s “good work” was to pray for me. Covid is behind me because of God’s grace and your prayers in Jesus’ name. Thanks for giving Jesus your all. I was just the recipient of your following Him.

A Fatherly Conversation

Listening to God is essential to walking with God.” Charles Stanley
For a moment, act like a fly on the wall. You’re listening to a conversation between a father and his daughter.
“Daddy, why do we need to talk to God?”
“Good question. Before I answer, allow me to ask you one, okay?”
“Okay daddy.”
“Would you say that we have a great relationship?”
“Oh yes, daddy.”
“Why is that, do you think?”
“Oh that’s easy daddy. You listen. We talk. We do all sorts of things together.”
There was a huge, dramatic pause as she began to realizing she already had her answer.
“You tricked me!” She said while playfully hitting his arm.
“No, I just wanted you to see that you already had the answer. You can’t get close to someone if you don’t hang out and share with them.”
This fly on the wall has been having lots of conversations with his Father these past 18 days of battling Covid. During many of nights of the battle, if you were a fly on the wall of my room, you could hear me cry out, “Father, won’t you please stop this pain and heal me? You can suck out of my body every bit of this virus that’s wreaking havoc on me.”
“Yes, I can. But, My grace is sufficient for you.”
That was it, but I knew what He meant. I’d heard that line before. I’ve never personally experienced God do an instantaneous miracle – either physical or spiritual (out and out change my life).
He’s always used the biblical process of life change He created in Scripture (the FREEdom process). I know this day to day process of trusting Him and His Word quite intimately. He had me write a book about it.
His grace was definitely sufficient to cover my responses to His response. His grace was sufficient to cover my cries of struggle with Covid symptoms.
His grace has been sufficient to get me to other side of these symptoms; and, it will be sufficient to keep me going as I recover from their side effects.
I know. I’ve been down this road before. And until I see Jesus face to face, I know I’ll go down other roads where I’ll hear, “I love you son, and My grace is sufficient for you.”

An Ever Growing Faith

Let your faith flourish!
Jesus’ teachings drew the hurting while ticking off the religious establishment.
Jesus went where it wasn’t kosher for a Jewish Rabbi to go in order to reach those hurting. He touched a leper, a dead person and went so far as to let a hemorrhaging woman touch Him. He even had a conversation at a local drinking establishment with a woman!
Jesus said it was never a bad day to do something good for someone, even if that day was the Sabbath.
In times like ours, listening to and following Jesus is crucial. There are people who are hurting and need Jesus. How can they hear unless someone is around them, even with possible Covid exposure?
What if Jesus told you to go? Would your theology be challenged? Do you believe that you are going to leave this planet someday, but not a moment before its God’s time for you to go?
We all have more room to grow when it comes to getting out of the boat to walk on water. So, allow the Spirit to grow your faith.
There are people outside your bubble that need your faith to grow so theirs can begin.

That’s Right…Be Thankful

Begin and end your day with a grateful heart.
Jesus tells His followers to always be thankful. Yup. He doesn’t say everything we face will be awesome. He does say that we have Someone awesome walking with us.
This is why knowing Jesus, not merely facts about Him, is so important. Knowing Him from experience is what puts a smile on your face even when its hard. He is the reason we give thanks.
Sometimes this thanks will be from past experiences. At other times, giving thanks will be by faith because you need to experience something new about Him.
Jesus is awesome. Get to know Him. You can’t help but be grateful when you do.

The Great Exchange…Today

God didn’t dry up the Red Sea, He parted it.
There are coins on the ground almost everywhere I take my power walks. I pick them up and put them in a jar on my dresser. Every time I see the jar, it reminds me of God’s faithfulness and provision.
When the jar gets full, I take it to a coin machine to exchange for cash. Yet, some of these coins are so scuffed up that even the machine can’t recognize them!
I can either put those coins back in the jar, which makes them unusable; or, I can exchange them for new ones at the bank.
Life scratches all of us. You can either put yourself in the jar of life, never making the difference Jesus recreated you to do. Or, you can let the Spirit exchange your old worthless non-eternal character with Jesus’ powerful eternal character.
Your scratches, when exchanged with Jesus, are stories to tell of a God who not only is loving and faithful, but patient and full of grace.
Let your God change your life. That’s what a healthy Jesus follower does. Your life will get better; and, so will those hearing the Jesus story you have to tell.
You can become like and share Jesus. Make the Great Exchange…today.