Rest While at Being at Work

We just left the weekend behind to start a new week. Can you stay at rest while at work this week? “Wait a second, how can I rest when I have to go to work?” Good question. There is an even better answer…Jesus.
Sound too simple? Truth usually is. Jesus came to give us rest, not just on Sabbath or on Sunday, but every day of the week. Rest is not the absence of expending energy. It’s the expenditure of faith. Rest is the truth that you can’t work your way to heaven or work your way into a better life. It’s about trusting the work Jesus already did for you, not your work for Him. By faith will you live out this truth this week?
Can you rest in the truth that Jesus paid and paved the way for you to go home someday? Take a load of your brain as you get ready for work. Can you rest in the truth that Jesus is living in and walking with you everywhere you go? If so, relax while you drive to work. Can you rest in the truth that Jesus who started the work of changing your life for the better will one day complete the task? If so, chill out as your park and get out of your car. Can you rest in the truth that your life has a purpose wherever you make a living? If so, put a smile on your face as you walk into your place of business.
Rest doesn’t happen on the weekends or after your get home from work. If that were true, then Joshua would have given the Israelites rest when he conquered the land of Canaan. Yet Hebrews 4:8 says that never happened. They still had battles to fight, even after entering the land. Rest is about facing your daily giants knowing the battle is already won. Rest is living each day in His presence knowing He can and will take care of you. You can, therefore, relax any and every day of the week.
You don’t have to be busy doing “stuff” to get something Jesus already gave you – life, love, significance and security. No, you can put your feet up and enjoy the rest Jesus has for you each and every day. So go ahead. Relax while at work this week. Oh yeah, tell Jesus, “Hi” for me.

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