A Stronger Faith by Friday

Is your faith stronger now than it was on Monday? Hopefully you can answer with a resounding “yes” as you saw Jesus all over your life.
A stronger faith is made possible by having a mature faith as described in Hebrews 5:13-14. A mature faith is the ability to discern good and evil and then make right(eousness) choices based upon that information. In other words, a biblically-based truth filter is kept on, risks were taken by obeying the truths the Spirit put into your brain, and victory was gained over a drug of choice. This is what is meant by living with a Biblical worldview.
A mature believer uses the Set Free Nowww principles to experience the Spriit draw them closer to Jesus, even in defeat. They fulfill the purpose God gave them as He changes their life and affects the lives of those around them where they are, which a weekly BIG makes happen.
A weak faith stays the same at best or loses ground at worst by focusing on doubts, religious practices, people and/or fear (Hebrews 6:1-3). In other words, life is lived with “the nothing gained, nothing lost” attitude. Status quo is a good thing. This attitude slowly commits suicide by wasting time not getting closer to Jesus, which means BIG is not on their schedule.
I hope you experienced Jesus – the author and finisher of your faith – this week!

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