Prepare Ahead of Time for Victory

My wife and I love to ride our motorcycle, especially in the back country of north San Diego County. Our rides are very relaxing, even though my head is on a swivel. I’m constantly on the look out for cars pulling out in front of me, for where I could escape if they did, and even places where I could ditch my bike with the least amount of bodily injury.
It is the same with our walks with Jesus. He told us to “watch and pray” so we would not enter into temptation. We all know the places where we fall or are vulnerable to our enemy’s attack. Our Lord told us to “watch” or be prepared for the temptation. Our heads should be on a swivel. It’s not a matter of if our enemy will attack, but when (1 Peter 5:8-9).
We are not only to watch out, but we are also to “pray”. Keep in mind you don’t just fall into sin. You’ve been thinking about it before hand. So when the temptation comes, you step right into it. But if you’re prepared ahead of time you have a much higher chance of victory.
One author said it this way. “Some guys seem to think that it’s impossible to resist temptation. I’ve found that if I’ve already thought through a situation and have a response prepared ahead of time in the event temptation rears its ugly head, it is that much easier to resist.”
Prepare yourself for battle! Know your weak spot (i.e. the area of your life the Spirit wants to change). Memorize the truths He’s given you and use them to filter out your enemy’s lies each day. Know when and where you’re most vulnerable to be attacked. Think through how you will respond when the attack comes. And when it does, ask the Spirit to help you see the temptation and empower you to run to Jesus.
Prepared to win or prepared to fail. Choose wisely today my friend.

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