Finer Filters

Here we are. It’s Monday morning. Hopefully, you spent some quality time with believers this past weekend: encouraged by conversations, comforted by the prayers and/or challenged by the Word. Here is what I want you to think about this morning. What truths did you add to your filters that will enable you to experience greater victory this week?
If you only came away from the “church” service with warm fuzzies, you missed the point. What did you hear from Jesus? Did He give you new truths to make your filters more effective at screening out your enemy’s lies? Or, did He strengthen the truths already in your filter? Either way, I encourage you to not be like the people James admonished in James 1:22 who were hearers, but not doers of the Word. The truths they heard from the Word became useless to them in fighting the battle of everyday life. Learn from their mistakes. Use the truths Jesus gave you this week to recognize the lies that must gotten rid of and to focus on the truths that set you free from your drugs of choice. Happy practicing this week!

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