Are You Sure What You’re Seeing?

A friend of mine told me about the following stencil on the back of a truck. It read: Godisnowhere. He was intrigued by this bold statement. God is no where. He thought this had to be some sort of atheist group. He plugged the phrase into Google and discovered it was a Christian organization!
They were using it as a teaser to talk about Jesus. How? If you rearrange the letters of that stencil it can read: God is now here. Same letters. Same order. But what you take out of it can be entirely different.
There are two lessons in this story as it relates to living with a Biblical worldview. One, we see what we see, but are we always sure of what we see? We need the Word of God to help us interpret what we see, so we can live out the truth that sets us free. Second, sometimes we need other believers to help us see the truth we need for freedom. It took looking up this phrase on the internet to be told what was really meant by the letters. We can see that God is no where or have others help us to see that God is now here with us.
Are you going to allow your worldview to be shaped by the god who is no where or the God who is now here? Someone will shape your worldview; will it be Jesus using the Word and People of God or the god of this world and his evil agents? The choice you make will determine whether you enjoy the benefits of freedom from or consequences of bondage to your drugs of choice.

2 thoughts on “Are You Sure What You’re Seeing?

  1. I love this blog…. and I love that he uses the words ‘drug of choice’ in almost all of his blogs and sermons. That really hits home to me and it puts things in a better perspective FOR me. I have been encouraged by my sisters around me and gotten truthful with them so that I can truly have support to be set free. I thank my church family for helping me see the lies and attacks and get victory, AGAIN, and I praise our father for His enduring love to His people.

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