Freedom Comes Through Taking Risks

You don’t know how often I’ve heard, “Everybody else is doing it.” Even Christians say it, like it’s some kind of magic get out of jail free card. No, this is a lie-based message that needs to be filtered out of our thinking. First of all, not everyone is doing it! Second, what if everyone was doing it, is what their doing in your best interests? Maybe. But who do you know for sure has your best interests at heart? Jesus. And what is He asking you to do? Take a risk (Hebrews 11:6) and trust Him.
The greatest test of freedom is not the polls you take, but in the risks you take. Freedom from your drugs of choice is dependent upon your ability to take a risk, not in following the crowd. Sin does seem like the right thing to do, for the moment. Our drugs of choice do make us happy, temporarily. Our freedom from all the negative side effects of those sinful repeated behaviors is to go against what we think and feel and take a risk, a step of faith, to trust the Word of God. By choosing to take a risk and exercise the truth the Spirit has given you, you’ll get closer to Jesus, the only One who can meet your needs today and tomorrow.
You choice today is: follow yourself, the crowd or Jesus. Who truly has your best interests in mind?

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