Live an Out of Control Life

When I make the following statement, people often look at me like I’m some kind of goof ball: the more dependent upon the Spirit you are the more independent you become.
Think about it for a moment. As we surrender control of our thinking, our will and our decisions to Jesus, the more love, joy and peace we’ll experience. As you do this, you’re becoming more independent from sin, which robs you of said love, joy and peace.
Said another way, being out of control is a good thing! The price of gas and food, job insecurity, family choices, drivers on the road, all seem to be beyond our control, which leaves us feeling less than stellar about ourselves. Thus, giving up control of our lives to Jesus is the only way to be safe and secure in the out of control world we live in each day. The more we use our biblically-based truth filter to screen out Satan’s lie-based messages (e.g. being in control is the only way to be okay) and surrender our daily situations to Jesus, we’ll get further away from sin and closer to Jesus, the Source of daily security.
Want to feel better than okay today? Go crazy. Give up control. Trust the truths the Spirit has given you to practice and focus on today. You’ll be more than glad you did!

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