Cut the Wires to Your Buttons!

We all have “buttons” that those around us love to push in order to get a reaction out of us, especially our enemy. These buttons can be words, attitudes, smells, body languages, anything that triggers us to head to our drug of choice, or respond in a sinful manner.
Some try to guard or keep people from pushing their buttons. The problem with these solutions is that it takes so much emotional and mental work, especially for something that doesn’t work! Keep in mind a simple truth: Control is an illusion. You can’t keep people from pushing your buttons. The only effective solution is to cut the wires connected to the buttons.
Since the light switch is connected to a wire that is attached to the source of electricity, you expect the light to come on when you push the button. If the wire is cut, however, you can push the button all you want with nothing happening as the button is no longer attached to a power source.
It’s the same with your drugs of choice. If pain is driving you to your drug of choice, cut the wire by dealing with the pain, not hiding from it. If someone knows what words to use to get you down, cut the wires with your shield of faith in specific biblical truths that counteract those words. Whatever your buttons are that lead you to your drugs of choice, deal with them at their source! When you do this, no matter how many times the enemy pushes your buttons, you will be free. Walk in freedom today by choosing to cut the wires!

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