A Safe Place to Hide

I was out on my prayer walk when I saw movement near a rock. The closer I got to the rock I noticed that it was a rabbit that had just come out of its hiding place. The rabbit stood completely still until I got to within a few feet of it and then ran into its hole under the rock. I was thinking, “If I was hungry, it wouldn’t be too hard to get that rabbit. Its hiding place isn’t too safe.”
This hiding place was the rabbit’s stronghold, the place where it went to feel safe. We humans have strongholds as well. What, where or who we turn to as our stronghold can either make us feel completely safe or leave us open for danger (2 Cor. 10:5).
In my entry yesterday I quoted an author who stated that people make themselves busy so they don’t have to face themselves. This busyness is a stronghold. It’s the safe place some people run too in order to feel good about themselves in order to avoid the thoughts, the challenges, and/or the issues in their lives. The problem with this approach is that the busy person has to stay busy, leaving themselves exhausted and open for danger (e.g. health issues, strained relationships, etc.)
A safe stronghold is God, who repeatedly describes Himself as a fortress, a rock, a stronghold, a refuge, etc. He wants to be the safe place we go to when we feel insecure, insignificant, and plain-old wore out. He wants to walk with us in dealing with any and all of the challenges we face.
The truth is that if we stay busy all we’re doing is pushing our problems down the road. They will have to be faced…one day. God says, “Let’s deal with them now so you can get off the treadmill that’s running you into the ground.” As we slow down and let the Spirit use the FREEdom process to get at, remove and replace the lies with specific truths, we can enjoy the journey to be like Jesus and the peace He promises.

Set “Free” Noww

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