Walk With Not Towards Jesus

Ever been walking down a street, saw someone come towards you, and couldn’t make out who they were until you were just a few feet away from them? Religion is like this. A religious person hopes that one day as they keep walking, doing certain good things, they will be rewarded with a trip to heaven to see Jesus.
This is not the kind of life Jesus came to bring. We’re not walking towards Jesus, but with Him each step we take on our journey. It’s hard to feel close to the person way down the street, but you can have a great time with someone who walks by your side. This is what living with a Biblical worldview does for the believer. No matter where you are, Jesus is with you. Talk with Him. Get close to Him. Hear Him. Do what He says to do. As you have this kind of relationship with Him, you’ll be more and more like Him now, not just when you get to heaven. Oh yeah, your love for and peace from Him will also get deeper with each step you take.

“S”et Free Nowww

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