Eliminate Supermom Myth

I teach the following truth in my parenting classes: it’s the child’s behavior unless the parent causes it. If the parent screams at their kid, it’s going to be a huge battle to get their kid to stop screaming at them. The parent has to own up to their behavior, change it and model what they are asking from their child.
If, however, the parent talks to their child in a normal tone of voice and their kid still screams at them in public, the parent can lovingly discipline their child because their child is responsible for their own behavior. In doing so, the parent can be at peace and keep their joy even if they have to discipline their child in public because it’s the kid’s fault, not the parent’s.
“Stop the presses. You mean I can feel okay with disciplining my kid in public, let alone home, without feeling bad or embarrassed?” Yes you can, if you’re secure in who you are as a child of God. Jesus said practicing the truth would set you free, which includes embarrassment.
Truth: you’re not the one screaming. Truth: you’ve modeled and taught correct behavior. Truth: you disciplined your child in the correct manner. Truth: there is no such thing as Supermom, who has perfect kids who act perfectly in public (in fact that’s when they usually at up!). Truth: you’re a good parent as you’re doing what Jesus would have you do by disciplining your child out of love.
It all starts with being secure in who you are – a child of God. You can listen to and do what Jesus says to do in every situation (i.e. a Biblical worldview), which includes raising your children to love Jesus. Supermom is a myth created by the world that when followed makes women feel tired, irritable and worthless. Living as a child of God who listens to Jesus in every situation, including parenting, brings joy and peace. It’s your choice as to how you’ll feel based on who you’ll listen to as a parent at the supermarket.
“S”et Free Nowww

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