Secure Sale

It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and you’re holding a garage sale. You’ve got a few customers roaming your driveway. One person points out a wok and asks, “Does it work and how much is it?” You tell them it’s $2 after you’ve plugged it in to show that it works just fine. They give you $2 and off they go with a smile on their face and a “brand new” wok in hand.
A couple hours later they return and demand their money back. They said the wok only had 3 of 4 legs when they left. “No,” you firmly reply, “It had four.” This person starts to scream in your face and demand their money back. What do you do? I recently witnessed such a sale where the owner and customer almost went to blows over a used $2 item with other customers wanting to join the fray!
What would you do? Hopefully you’d filter this situation through your Biblical worldview. You have the truth in your mind of who you are – a child of God who is loved and accepted by their Father. You have in your filter the truth that as a child of God you have a Father who can provide for your every need, including what the $2 was going toward. You have the truth securely tucked away that you have a relationship with a living God who can tell you what to do at that very moment in time – scream and defend your “right to be right” to keep the $2 or stay at peace while giving the money back and trust Him for the outcome.
We have an eternity to fully understand the truth of being a child of God. Why not start learning it in real time today?

“S”et Free Nowww

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